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Meet Kayt

Author & Intuitive Coach

Kayt Bryans is an intuitive coach and author specializing in intuitive connection, authentic self-discovery, and growth and abundance mindset.


She is a certified ascension coach, Reiki master, meditation guide, and yoga instructor. Kayt is a lifelong learner with an Honours BA in Business Communications, a Diploma of Teaching and Learning, and a Master of Education with decades of various teaching, coaching and facilitating experience. She enjoys reading, writing, and meditating, as well as outdoor adventures such as biking, hiking, and canoe tripping with her daughter. She can often be found in the Ontario cottage country, basking in a hammock with a good book. 

We are here to connect: with self, others and Source Energy. My passion is helping others heal their current situations, recognize the positive circumstances in their lives, shift their energetic attraction point and create the life they truly want to lead. 

I believe we best serve ourselves and those around us by taking a deeper look inside and fostering our inner connection. 

If you've been feeling that nudge, and need some guidance taking the next steps--this is your serendipitous sign. 

Reach out and let's get connected!

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Healing Modalities

Harmonious Lifestyle

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The Journey Towards Leading an Authentic Life Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“I cannot count the times Kayt has helped me see things more clearly. Growing up with a negative mindset is something very challenging to change but she has pushed me to be the best me. I specifically remember a time that I thought I could not overcome, but with her guidance on tapping and being mindful, I was able to find out what I needed in that moment. I am truly grateful to have Kayt in my life. 💗” 

- KW

“I think you were the first person to really recognize what my soul was going through and what it needed, and I'm so grateful for the influence you had on me.  

- A

“Wow! The language you use and the intuation you have is spot on! You're really good at this! 


“Yes , this makes a lot of sense to me. I realize that my suffering is attached to the false image of security that I created for my family. I am mourning the loss of this and learning that it never existed. Thank you Kayt!”

- AK

“I just wanted to say ... Your words echoed with me today ...  

I definitely made a connection ... With your hug, you said something to make my visit today positive and worthwhile… Some connection would be made. It made a difference for someone… I am glad I was there today to listen.” 

- M

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