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About Connection Coaching

Connection Coaching focuses on delving deeper into your own personal connection. This connection will reveal not only your authentic self, but also how you can better serve your Self, your family, your clients and your community. Connection Coaching focus on creating a consistent meditation practice, strengthening your intuition, amping up your mindset, setting productive & achievable goals and creating a harmonious lifestyle.

Commitment to Connection Coaching is:

  • It is a commitment to you.

  • It is a commitment to me.

  • It is a commitment to do the work.  

  • It is a commitment to change your life.


This six month blended program will work through one-on-one sessions, pre-recorded content, group or solo debrief sessions, journal exercises, guided meditations and more!


Pillars of discussion will include:

  • Conscious Self-Healing

  • Connected Intuition

  • Creation Connection

Commitment to Connection Coaching

The Creation Connection Workshop

This workshop walks you through the keys to imagining and creating the life of your dreams through focused thought and deep connection. 

Be sure not to miss it!

Empowering and absolutely life-changing!

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